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Agriturismo Il Colombaio Bed and Breakfast Siena, Tuscany - Italy


tai girls Among beauty, nature and creativity, we offer the possibility to experiment new and touching experiences with yourself and the world around you.

Thanks to Mandala Painting, Raku ceramics and music classes, at "Il Colombaio" you can discover the harmony resting inside you creativity. Listen to your inner voice though colors, clay and sounds, and discover intense and exciting feelings: creativity is a river tha brings to happiness.

Charming horse rides, immersed in nature, surrounded by the sweet tuscany hills, ancient villages and silent pathways. Tracks meeting the ancient, between history and legend. Adventures through rivers and woods, guided by expert companions that help you live and understand this heavens corner.

We offer:
- Wellness for Body and Soul: Multidimensional Holiday in Tuscany
ceramic workshops- ceramic laboratories;
- Mandala Painting classes (ITA TEXT);
- guitar anche singing lessons;
- horse rides (ITA TEXT).

Other activities:
- wellness and SPAs (Terme Antica Querciolaia, Terme di Petriolo, Cor Magis Travel);
- moutain-bike (Rosia Bike);
- tour enogastronomici (APT Siena, Cor Magis Travel);
- scooter renting (Perozzi);
- Museo Etnografico del Bosco e della Mezzadria (Fondazione Musei Senesi);
- nearby city tours (SITA, Cor Magis Travel);
- cooking lessons (Cor Magis Travel, Scuola di Cucina di Lella);
- fairs in Siena e region (APT Siena);
- fairs in tuscany (Regione Toscana).




Actually, at "Il Colombaio",
you can simply relax
and do nothing!